Exotic Cats and Savannah Kittens

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The Savannah breed is a cross between an African Serval and a domestic house cat. The first successful birth was a kitten that was named after the Savannah grasslands in Africa where the Serval is native.

Servals have been kept as pets in many countries for centuries, and more recently in the United States. Though they are not very practical pets for most people, the Savannah breed is much more manageable to own and care for, and still retains the exotic appearance of the wild Serval.

It is easy to to see how people can fall in love with the Savannah breed by both its stunning coat and the unusual antics which are passed down from the wild Serval. Savannahs are known to love water, fetch like dogs, and make a funny chatter sound. Savannahs are truly fascinating and spectacular to look at. We hope that you will understand how easy it is to become passionate about this breed and we recommend learning as much as you can before purchasing a kitten. Lower generation Savannahs are not like typical house cats in looks, size, or behavior.

Crossing the wild Serval cat to a domestic cat has many obstacles such as: size, temperaments, and the differences in gestational periods and chromosomes between the two make Savannah's quite rare, especially the lower generation F1 therefore making them very costly and nothing to be taken lightly.

We will have F1 - F6c generation Savannah kittens available periodically, suitable for both pets, to show or to approved breeders.

We are small in home cattery who strive to breed happy and healthy well socialized kittens. We are committed to enriching the lives of both our cats and their their new families, and sharing our passion for the Savannah Cat breed.

We are member of T.I.C.A. and Savannahcat.com. Our kittens come to you well socialized, vet checked with up to date immunizations and health guarantees.

Shipping is available in the U.S. Our kittens are priced based on generation, gender, and the individual quality of each kitten. Ocelli Savannahs is located approximately 60 miles southwest of Chicago, Illinois.

F1 and F2 Savannah cats are hybrids. Please check to make sure hybrids are legal to own where you live, we will only place our Savannahs where they are legal to own, you can check your state laws here: www.hybridlaw.com
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